Did the Gentile Times start in 607BC? – Part 1

Did the Gentile Times start in 607BC? Proving this should be at the top of every Witnesses’ research list. Proving It is core to the very existence and claims of the Organization to be God’s Organization and the appointment of the Governing Body. Have you ever researched it in the Bible? If not, why not do so now?

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Young Men – How Can You Gain the Trust of Others? – Study 9/2021

Young Men – How can you gain the Trust of Others? Watchtower Study article 9/2021 for w/e May 9th 2021. Will young JW’s gain others trust by putting their trust in the elders? Does Jehovah trust the elders? Can we be friends of God or sons and daughters? What are the Gifts in Men in Ephesians 4:8?

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